Techstuff, programming and galleries


Welcome to my little homepage!

I haven't been working on the homepage for a while now. I wish I had some more time for the homepage, but currently, that's not the case.
If you're interested in techstuff and interesting talks, have a look at rc3, on which the latest videos from this years CCC conference are available.

You'll find a few small Galleries in here so far and the tool I use to practice some SQLite/Qt. It is the very basic version of a boardgame database. Feel free to download it and give me feedback! Last but not least, I'll collect some Techstuff, i.e. little helpers on my PC like tweaks to the powershell etc.

Have fun and let's see what time brings us.

Latest Update: ***added eM Client to useful windows tools/added a few Pictures in the galleries (Vaihingen by night)***