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Windows Tools

This will become a collections of tools I use in windows to produce a nice working enviroment. Many will be missing, but I'll try to add as many as possible.

  • First of all, there is VirtuaWin. If you do not want to wait for Windows 10 to get virtual desktops, VirtuaWin is your friend. It works really smooth, doesn't consume much CPU power or anything. It has not all linux features, but it is good enough: VirtuaWin.
  • Emacs! Notepad++ is also very powerful, but I like my emacs.
  • If you have a multimonitor setup, displayfusion is a must have. I've tried a few others, but nothing was as good as display fusion: Display Fusion
  • I've decided a loooong time ago that I need a password manager. After a long search, many many literature and information, I ended up with keepass. It has a few keyfeatures I couldn't find anywhere else:
    - It is opensource.
    - It is offline! Your passwords are not stored on any US server or somewhere else. Just on your PC.
    - There is an android (and if you need iOS) tool which can open your database.
    - Autofill outside the browser.

    It is worth a try, and you can definitely sleep better if your amazon password is just 128 random characters;-)
  • For all the putty users: Have a look at MobaXTerm. It is free, imports all your putty sessions and has some awesome additional features. Absolutely a worthy alternative. 
  • Agent Ransack is a good tool to search through textfiles. Very helpful when you have to work without a proper IDE. Get it here
  • After being more and more disappointed with Mozilla software, I finally found an alternative to thunderbird. emClient is restricted to two mail accounts, but has the slickest google mail integration and looks great! Great experience so far.
  • Pathcopy: Simple but effective. Adds a submenu to the context menu to copy the path to a file/folder. Sounds unnecessary, but you can get the full networkpath even on mapped drives, different formats (\ vs /), the parent folder, the filename only ans so on. Nust neat!